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-Camera serial #1294654
Lens # 279-088 ...WOW! # 88!
-Original Midland Leica KE-7A military still picture M4 camera made for the US army in 1972

-One of the most sought after cameras and lenses made by Leica ELCAN in Midland.
-Originally made by Leica in the Midland factory for the US army. The US military issued ones are noted with a military identification number below the serial number on the back of the camera.
-Very hard to find a military issued example in such wonderful condition
-Has the characteristics and features of a Leica M4 but has a winterized shutter and the body has been sealed against dust and dirt
-Specifically made in very limited production. Only 505 KE-7A bodies ever made in total!
-A specially designed lens with 4 non-cemented air-spaced elements for use in extreme weather conditions and active war zones. 
Elcan Lens serial #276-088
Production # 276 and lens # 88. A very nice # 
-A very special 50mm F2 ELCAN miliatary design lens with the TIGER CLAW metal aperture control and special short optical design 50mm lens.

-To find it complete, from the original Military family and untouched, MINT condition and with all the extras! AMAZING
This camera is coming from its original owner who was a US Military officer.
The camera is TRULY MINT and never been opened. Still has the C seal on the camera and the lens is 100% perfect.
This is THE FINEST KE-7a camera I have ever seen.
Also, a very luck # lens #088. WOW!
Really something special and truly a remarkable find.
WIth the hard to find SHADE, FRONT LENS CAP, SHADE CAP, LEATHER CASE, even the instruction which is very interesting and great details!

-Included an Elcan 50mm f2 lens
-4 elements 4 groups
-Lens Cat No. ELCAN (Type 276)
-Body Cat No. KE-7A

-Elcan 50mm f2 lens + MADE IN GERMANY blank military cap
C42-LS.39F metal E39 lens shade + cap
Special KE-7A Military brown leather case
Headquarters, Dept of the Army July 1972 paperwork..fascinating

Cosmetics 9+/10
-No dings, dents or major marks
-This camera is MINT and in LIKE NEW condition. Really spectacular and truly in MINT condition. AMAZING!
The nicest, if not THE nicest KE-7A you will every find except for finding one NEW IN THE BOX SEALED.

An AMAZING find!

Mechanics 9.5/10
-Shutter speeds are accurate
-All camera functions are working normally
-Lens focus is smooth
-Aperture clicks are crisp
-Shutter curtain is light leak free and wrinkle free

This is also amazing since the camera has never been opened in decades and still working well as it should.

Optics 9.5/10
-Rangefinder/viewfinder is bright and clean
-No fog, fungus, separation or scratches in the lens.
Glass on the lens is crystal clean.

I can not stress the beauty and rarity of this camera and lens set. 
A peice of Leica History, world history. and a special story of this particular camera being from the original owner
Wonderful and complete. 
Even better # 088. 

This is one of THE Leica cameras to have and if you are looking for a KE-7A, this is THE one to have!
A must for any collector or enthusiast. 
Really something special and fabulous