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This rare Leica military Elcan 7x50 binoculars are in oustanding condition cosmetically, mechanically and optically. Serial #04190. Military serial #1240-21-863-8282. Comes with all its originals including the military strap, yellow slip on fog filters, and even the green leather case for the filters, carrying case, rubber eye cups and front rubber eye cap covers. The rare part is it comes with its ELCAN factory BOX.

These were a pair that look like they were never offered to a military officer. Kept in the original box and very rare to find complete with all its extras. I have never had a pair with the box before! AMAZING!

Originally made for NATO forces. Only 7500 examples ever made and for military use only. Most were heavily used or destroyed. These are extremely hard to find and of the highest quality. Probably cost a fortune for the military to order.

Cosmetically this is one of THE NICEST pairs I have ever seen. I have sold a few recently and this one is outstanding. MINT! Working perfectly and the optics are probably the best in the world. As I stated, MILITARY grade! Only the best of the best and never meant for civilian use.

They have the 4,2,+2,4 markers horizontally and vertical lines for distance measurements. I can not stress the beauty, overall condition and quality of these phenomenal binoculars. If you want the finest ELCAN (ERNST LEITZ CANADA ) Military grade, REALLY THE BEST OF THE BEST binoculars made, here is your chance and a rare opportunity to find them complete with all the extra. Really fantastic and a great price considering! A must have. I recently sold a few and this is the nicest so far! Even the case is beautiful!

Not only a piece of history, but also the finest usable binocular. Practical, Usable, THE BEST of THE BEST and really a pleasure to have and enjoy in every respect! Complete and amazing to find in this condition with BOX! WOW!