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This extremely rare and unusual original Leica Zeiss Hologon 15mm F8 M bayonet mount lens is in mint condition cosmetically, mechanically and optically. Serial #5736333. This is the only lens Leica commissioned another company to make for them. The only time you will see another company's name on a lens and sold in a Leica box. This extremely rare and highly collectible lens comes complete with all its extras. 

Including its original front/rear lens caps, a Silver Carl Zeiss 4x centre weight chrome ND filter, original viewfinder w/built in spirit level and original matching box. The filter is not marked 'For Leica' but is still the correct filter made by Carl Zeiss specially designed for the 15mm Hologon lenses. Some Leica collectors claim that very early examples of the Leica Hologon did not come with the 'For Leica' branded filter but instead came with this early chrome non branded Zeiss filter instead but it is still the exact same filter specifically designed by Zeiss for exclusive use with the 15mm Hologon lenses. Even includes the original plastic wrap the lens came sealed in when it was sold back in the 70's. Made for Leica M cameras. Very collectible and hard to find. Only 225 examples were ever made. A beautiful extremely wide angle lens. Sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. The finest optics made by Zeiss for your M bayonet mount camera. I have seen a number of examples of this lens over the years and this is by far the cleanest example I have ever seen, many examples (even clean examples) will have 'Schneideritis' in the glass. The inner barrel of this lens is just beautiful. 

Cosmetically mint. You can see from the pictures that this lens has been babied its entire life. 9.5+/10 overall. Mechanically working perfectly; focusing is smooth. Mounts well. Optically crystal clean and clear; the viewfinder attachment is extremely clean and the glass on the lens is clean and clear without any fog, fungus, separation or scratches. 

Very rare and hard to find Zeiss Hologon 15mm F8 lens. Original for your M cameras. The last one of these I had in store was in the same condition with matching serial number box and I sold it for $16,500.00 USD on eBay (eBay #281316666524). At this price this lens is a steal.

-3 elements 3 groups
-57mm filter mount
-Fixed f8 aperture
-110o angle of view
-Cat No.11003

-Front/rear lens caps
-Zeiss S57 4x centre weight ND filter

Cosmetics 9.5+/10
-No dings, dents or marks
-Shows virtually no signs of use

Mechanics 9.5/10
-Focusing is smooth

Optics 9.5/10
-No fog, fungus, separation or scratches
-No 'Schneideritis' in the glass

Matching box, caps, and all. Really special. If you are looking for THE Hologon 15mm, THIS IS IT! A joy to have and hold!