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-Serial #700090
-An original Leica fit M39 screw mount lens
-Will fit your vintage Leica, Canon, Voigtlander and other screw mount rangefinder camera bodies
-Will also fit your Leica M mount bodies with an LTM-M adapter ring.
-Very fast f2 telephoto lens
-Excellent for portrait work
-Will cam and focus correctly on your Leica screw mount and M mount rangefinder bodies.

This is a very rare and phenomenal lens in so many respect. Firstly exceptionally RARE. Not many of these were made and almost all are incomplete without the case or missing finder.  

This is a particularly nice example as it comes with its original case, finder, shade, and metal front cap. ( rear is a generic metal SM LTM cap )

Between this and the famous Fujinon 50mm 1.2 lens, they were the for-front of the Japan FUJI FUJINON vintage lenses made in the SM LTM series. Very fast, fantastic design with the scalloped focusing ring, classic black body and chrome body type. Just exceptional design, quality and rare! Nice to have an example so clean and complete!

-Made in Japan by Fuji Photo Film Company

-Fujinon front metal chrome lens caps
-Fujinon matching 100mm External viewfinder 
-Fujinon specific 100mm f2 leather outfit case to accommodate the 
-Fujinon original 2pc metal front lens shade

Cosmetics 8.5/10
-No dings, dents or major marks
-The barrel is clean overall. 
-Shows some use but considering this lens, it is a fine example! Very nice!

Mechanics 9/10
-Focusing is smooth
-Aperture clicks are crisp

Optics 8/10
-No fog, separation or scratches
-There are some very VERY faint cleaning marks and 2 very faint "cleaned" marks inside.
* If you know the history of these Fujinon lenses, you know that almost all have very very poor glass. I have seen a handful of these over the last 20 years and all have been much more worn and with very poor glass. THIS ONE IS THE NICEST ONE I HAVE EVER SEEN, 
The glass is not perfect nor will you find one because of the characteristic of the glass itself and the age BUT, this one is very nice. 

I con not stress how nice this lens in. The matching 50mm f1.2 are now well over $10,000 and these lenses this matching 100mm f2 is very undervalued.
Similar to the ZUNOW 50mm 1.1 and the ZUNOW 100mm f2 (which is worth over $10,000) 
The same Fujinon 50mm f1.2 and THIS 100mm f2 should be and is comparable in every respect. Rarity, quality and desirability. 

A sure investment for a fantastic lens. A pleasure to have and enjoy and really such a nice, complete example.