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THE....L.F. Deardorff & Sons Inc Photographic Equipment 4x5 SPECIAL !

This is THE MOST PHENOMENAL Deardorff 4x5 camera you will ever have the pleasure of seeing or having the opportunity to buy. Coming from a collector who purchased this camera from the original owner. It has been sitting since the day it left Deardorff and Sons production in Chicago Illinois.
The wood is spectacular. The metal is MINT and the boards are untouched! Bellows are perfect and even the serial # 2230 is amazing!!! WOW!

I have had 2 of these over the last 20 years and the last one was a few years ago which I sold for $3500+ and was nice but not NEW OLD STOCK like this one! WOW!

-22 inch Bellows fully extended
-Later model with the front swing

Auction Includes
-Spare Blank Lens Boards x2 that have not been cut or used with the original paper envelope
-Clean Ground Glass that has been kept on the camera until I removed it to be pictured

Cosmetics 9.5+/10
This camera has NO MARKS from use.
The wood is really spectacular. Never refinished. It is glowing!
The metal work is MINT! ( only faint marks on the name plate - probably he did lay it flat down when it was open as the name plate sits face down.

I can not stress the beauty and condition of this camera!

Mechanics 9.5+/10
-Everything works, moves and tightens as it should

Optics 9.5/10
-Glass is clean and clear

Marked DEARDORFF SPECIAL on the name plate on the front and it truly is SPECIAL. An incredible find. I have sold many Deardorff over the last 20 years. I personally purchased a group of x25 8x10 cameras in various condition from a studios years ago and there was one camera that was similar BUT, regardless of the format, I have NEVER seen a Deardorff in this MINT condition.
When I saw it and held it for the first time, I knew this was something special. A blast from the past with great history, kept as it left the factory and even the extras are nice!
Really amazing and a true pleasure to have, hold and enjoy!