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Serial #2247691
A very rare SMALL BATCH of 250 pieces made in 1967
The only other small batch was the 1st batch before this in 1966 of only 200 piece and those have the thick rim 

Black finish
Yellow scale
Full set with hood

Original vintage 
production first version Noctilux 50mm f1.2
The first lens made by Leica to have aspherical glass elements
Extremely rare and hard to find, especially in this condition
Few examples were ever made in only 4 batches between 1966-1973 but the smallest being in 1966 and 1967, later the other larger batches in 1968 and 1973
A must have for any collector or enthusiast

This is THE GRAIL lens and of the countless examples I have had over the last 20+ years, THIS IS A FINE EXAMPLE with FLAWLESS GLASS! 
Many of them have lines, flawed glass but this one is spectacular
RICH yellowish/purple coating and crystal clean!

Aperture range: f1.2 - f16
Angle of view 45°
Six-element design
Filter size Series 8
Cat No. 11820

Front and rear lens caps
Vented 12503 lens shade with matching Leica Series VIII filter.
Matching proper Noctilux 50mm 1.2 paperwork brochure with optical graphs, write up and display pictures ( in its mother language GERMAN )

Cosmetically 9/10
No dings, dents or marks
Barrel is very nice with minimal marks
Lens shade clean
A clean example to have and enjoy. 
A great value as I sold a LIKE NEW example for $45000+ only a few months ago and this one has flawless glass so for the price this is a wonderful and great deal!

Mechanically 9.5/10
Focusing is smooth
Aperture clicks crisp

Optically 9.5/10
No fog, fungus, separation or scratches
Glass is really clean and clear
No dry coating cracks. No faint marks. Nothing! PERFECT!
Really fantastic!
The glass is so pretty, IT GLOWS!

A very special lens lens and getting harder and harder to find in such fine optical condition.
Each 50mm 1.2 is different, in the slightest way, and I have to say I have seen more than a few, but this one is very Very VERY special!!!
Early small batch, 1967, perfect glass. Really very nice!
If you want a pretty 50mm 1.2 to use, enjoy and know its good, THIS ONE IS IT!
And a sure bet investment!
Nice to have complete with caps, shade, filter, rare brochure and all.
A true pleasure to have and enjoy!