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-Serial #1250143
This is the 57 last M2 ever made. Last batch and very VERY late #
-Originally designed for the US Military from 1969-1970
They were overstock M2 RAPID KS-15 cameras that were labeled as M2-R and sold the civilians.
This is like the M2 CIVILIAN version of the M4 KE-7a
-Only 2000 were ever produced 
1248201-1250200 in 1969-1970
-Features the M4 style rapid load spool system and base plate
-Single stroke film advance

-Paired with its proper, late after production Leica 50mm f2 Summicron Dual Range lens
-Serial #2358041
-Made in 1967 in Wetzlar, Germany
-Very late serial number example post production 235xxxx made for the M2-R cameras
-Dual range version
-Close focus with the dual black scale
-Focusing down to less than half a meter

The M2-R was made as the last batch of M2 cameras.
Actually made 2 years after the last production M2 #1165000 which was made in 1967, the M2-R camera came out 2-3 years after the last M2 made.
Not only that, this is a particularly late camera, as well, the 50mm F2 Dual Range was a special batch made specially for the M2-R cameras. 
The 50mm F2 also ended its production in 1967 with # 2235800.
This special batch of 2000 lenses made only for the M2-R 
2356301 2358300 Summicron f= 5 cm 1:2 (SFK-DR-chrom) 1969 -1970. - 2000 made
This batch of lenses was specially made 2-3 years later and given a different classification and put under the production of the VERSION II black lens made well after the silver ridged and DR as you know of.

A very special camera and lens set.  

-Features M4 quick load spool system
-0.72x viewfinder
-35-50-90mm frame lines
-Shutter speeds B, 1" - 1/1000
-Cat No.10835M(KOOHE)

-7 elements in 4 groups with 10 aperture blades
-Dual range close focus lens
-E39 filter mount
-Aperture range: f2 - f16
-45° angle of view
-Cat No. 11918 (SOMNI)

-Leica 50mm f2 Summicron Dual Range lens
-Front Lens Cap
Dual range close up eyes
-Box and proper US Patent tag inside the box and matching # 

Cosmetics 8+/10
-No dings, dents, scratches or major marks
-Both top and bottom plates have bright marks. 
Shows some normal use but no abuse
-Leatherette is all intact

-The lens is clean with no dings, dent, scratches or major marks
-Just a few bright marks and minor use

A clean set with no damage, no abuse, clean just with minor use
A great example considering!

Mechanics 9/10
-Shutter speed are accurate
-Quick load spool mechanism working well
-All other camera functions working normally

-Focus is smooth
-Aperture clicks are crisp

Optics 8.5/10
-Rangefinder/Viewfinder are clean.

-No fungus, scratches or separation in the lens
-Minor haze at the extreme outer edges of the lens elements
Very minor and insignificant. 
A clean lens

A fantastic set.
A proper match M2-R with the 235xxxx matching lens.
These sets don't come up that often especially complete and boxed.
Also, very undervalued considering a regular BOXED M2 ranges from $1500-$2000 and a Dual range in about $1500
TOTAL $3500 so for an extra $1000 the rarity and importance is well worth it.

Historic for Leica, US Military, RARITY and a pleasure to have and enjoy for many reasons!