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-Leica M3 Serial #1132
-Internal "Betriebsk" camera
-Transitional characteristics * noted below
-Made in Wetzlar, Germany
-Silver chrome finish

This is a very Very special, unusual and UNIQUE camera. A GIFTED internal camera camera to a Leica employee or close contact 
-Engraved on the back of the top plate...
 "Zum Gedenken an unseren lieben Friedel Anschutz Wetzlar Phonixstrasse 27" 
which directly translates to 
"In memory of our dear Friedel Anschutz of 27 Phonix Steet, Wetzlar Germany "

This camera is not only UNIQUE but also very special for many reasons. Firstly, it has its original INVOICE receipt from 1961 when the camera was purchased. 
Price of 125 German DM which is now about $335 USD$
This was not just any internal camera, probably the one that was used by either - Friedel Anschutz and later special ordered and purchase for either her serviced after retirement or purchase by her husband John Anschutz ( a name also mentioned on the receipt ) as a surprise for an occasion.
Either way, this was a special camera that meant something.

Also, this is a transitional camera with many RARE and UNIQUE feature that I have never seen before. This camera has the factory "Transitional" features which I think are the BEST OF THE BEST camera including....
-LONG R rewind engage lever specifically for the M3 proper!
-Rabbit Ear shaped lugs that are double riveted into the housing - not just a single screw
-1000 ASA back glass plate back door 
-Locking ball bearing back door and matched housing with slots
-Double glass ROUND eye piece - much better made over the later single glass large eye piece.
-Double glass eye piece sealed with rope MUCH BETTER sealed and made
-Improved L seal 5 screws on the lens mount and TOP DOWN seal to hold the top plate under the film advance lever and under the film rewind knob - upgraded from the 4 screw on the top plate of the older cameras.
-Newly designed SS single stroke advance with the ratcheted "click" returning film advance lever. Probably upgraded at the time considering the internal factory history of this camera.

*You can also read up on the details of the "TRANSITIONAL" M3 on my website blog and why I consider to be the best of the best M cameras ever made. *The range goes beyond 854000-858000 but specifically for these characteristics

A unique feature is the obvious script commemorating this camera, the M3-1132 and not marked BETRIEBSK as all of them were, but also the inside chassis you can see the stamping BETRIEBSK but it was factory covered probably when the camera was transferred and gifted to Friedel Anschutz as a unique camera to leave the factory.

Something I have never seen before is the NEWER SPEEDS upgrade from the factory ( after #854000 1956-1957 change over ) but these knobs were always in SATIN SILVER and not in the SHINY SILVER chrome finish that this one has. It has the 13 slot position with the newer speeds but in the older speed CHROME finish dial. This must have been specially made for this camera alone. 

There are so many reasons why this camera is UNIQUE, SPECIAL and really something to have, appreciate and enjoy!

-50/90/135mm frame lines
-Cat No. 10150 IGEMO

-Leica 50mm Summitar f2 lens and front cap
-Leica special Summitar UVa filter 
-Leica 28/50 thread mount to M bayonet mount adaptor 
-Original Receipt.
-Box IGEMO marked with no serial #

Cosmetics 9+/10
-Top/bottom plate is outstanding condition. No bright marks but just a few very VERY minor marks 
-Leatherette is all intact
-Lugs are clean
-Lens barrel is in mint condition

Mechanics 9+/10
-The camera functions are working well like the rangefinder, self timer, film counter
-Shutter curtain is light leak free
-Shutter speeds are accurate

Even with the L seal still intact, there is no minimal curtain drag, speeds working well and the camera overall is in great condition! 
This is a collectors item but if you really insist on using it I do recommend a CLA but a shame as this is HISTORIC and UNTOUCHED!

Optics /10
-Viewfinder/rangefinder is bright and clean

A magnificent camera in every respect. Also priced well. I have sold many REGULAR BETREIBSK camera - and I use the term BETRIEBSK loosely as they were internal camera for factory use, never to be sold. They have come out into the market the rare occasion and I have had the pleasure of selling a few over the years. Latest one was late of 2020 for nearly $8000. This was a regular BETRIEBSK marked without a box, no receipt, no special engraving, no L seal, no special historical importance, no unique features.
I can not stress the importance of this camera. It has everything right. The Transitional characteristics, the unique details and the condition is spectacular. 

A wonderful opportunity and a spectacular addition to your collection if you decide!