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  • $17,500.00

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-Serial #1286523
-Made in Wetzlar, Germany 1971
Authentic Black Paint serial number in a batch of 500 cameras
-Beautiful Black Paint finish.

-The M3 was known to be the best built rangefinder of all time but the M4 had a much more practical viewfinder, loading and rewind mechanism
-All mechanical non metered camera
-Internal frame counter
-Viewfinder for 35/50/90/135mm

This is a FABULOUS example and maybe one of the best I have had.
I had only one other in the 25 years of business as nice as this which I sold for $24,995 on ebay last summer

This is an L seal, all original, all black paint, black paint lever, black paint rewind crank, matching # box, matching # interior sticker bag and all.
Stunning condition considering and has been very well kept for over 50 years.

If you are looking for a fantastic and fabulous example of a M4 black paint, THIS IS IT!

-Black paint example
-35mm, 50mm, 90mm, 135mm frame lines
-0.72x finder
-Cat No. 10400

-Body cap

Cosmetics 9+/10
-No dings, dents
-The top plate is very very nice.
The owner even put a scotch tape to protect the sides of the top plate above the lugs. 
-The bottom plate is nice with normal cabinet marks. Still nice

Rich black paint, when you look at the top plate and you can see its beauty, rich thick black paint especially around the engravings. 
This is a wonderful camera!

Mechanics 8*/10
-Camera is in working order
-I suggest a CLA if you intend on using the camera as it has its untouched L seal. NEVER OPENED!
-The slow speeds are a tiny bit slow. 
Expected, Untouched camera for 50 years.

*L seal still intact as this camera has never been opened*
Service would destroy the history of this L seal camera.
Amazing for over 50+ years still intact L seal

Optics 8+/10
-Viewfinder rangefinder assembly is in need of cleaning as this camera has never been opened.
Still rich shadow rangefinder but the viewfinder you can see has never been opened and still untouched from the factory

A very special camera and I can not stress its beauty!
Complete with everything you would want. Even has the original price of $435 on the box.
This is also a spectacular price considering the market value and price sold in the past.
A blue chip investment and a great price considering
This one checks all the boxes. 

If you are looking for a fantastic and fabulous example of a M4 black paint, THIS IS IT!
I real pleasure to have and enjoy!