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-Serial #1247551
-Made in Wetzlar, Germany 1970

Authentic Black Paint serial number, never repainted
**1246201 1248100 Leica M4 Schwz Lackiert 1969-70 1900**

-The M3 was known to be the best built rangefinder of all time but the M4 had a much more practical viewfinder and rewind mechanism
-All mechanical non metered camera
-Internal frame counter
-Beautiful Black Paint finish
-Viewfinder for 35/50/90/135mm

This M4 was originally sold to an Italian based Leica enthusiast in 1970. It comes
complete with its box, matching serial number service
card (In italian) and a matching Italian language Istruction manual

-Black paint example
-35mm, 50mm, 90mm, 135mm frame lines
-0.72x finder
-Cat No. 10400

-Original M4 box with foam fittings ( unmarked serial # box - proper )
-Matching serial number Service Card (Italian)
-Italian language Instruction manual
-Matching black inner painted Body cap

Cosmetics 9.5+/10
-No dings, dents or major marks

This is the nicest Black Paint I have ever seen. It looks like it has never been
used. Fresh of the Leica assemblers workbench. Amazing.

The lugs are unused. The top plate is 99%. There is one mark that is only visible at certain angles right about the top plate. I have no idea how that got there but it is there and on the rewind lever from the arm being swung over ( not from use ) but simply being played with

This camera was also serviced before putting on ebay from the owner as it most likely had the L seal prior to this. This is what the owner wanted but this camera is for sure, unused as it shows 0 use. It really is incredible and a remarkable find considering!

in 25 years, I have never seen a M black paint camera like this. I have seen MINT but never something like this. SPECTACULAR!

Mechanics 10/10
-Shutter speeds are accurate
-All camera functions are working normally
-Shutter curtain is wrinkle and light leak free

Optics 10/10
-Viewfinder/rangefinder is clean

Fantastic to have in this condition and ever more so to have it with its matching card, instruction, plastic, fittings, box and all.

I can not stress the beauty, importance and rarity.
This is THE FINEST Leica M4 black paint you will ever find.
A pleasure to have and enjoy!