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-Serial #120096
-Complete with rare original front cap and lens shade
-Very fast f1.1 aperture. Nikons flagship rangefinder lens. Competing with the Noctilux
-An incredibly shallow depth of field with gorgeous bokeh to create stunning images
-Great for low light photography

This is a VERY VERY rare Leica SM LTM Nikon Nippon made 50mm f1.1 lens. This is not only an exceptionally rare lens but this particular one has been kept extremely well, complete with caps, shade, cases and all. 
There were very few of these lenses ever made for the Leica LTM cameras. This one also very easily converted to Leica M with the LTM to M 50mm adaptor ring. 

In 20+ years, I have had the pleasure of only having ONE other Nikon LTM 50mm 1.1. There are near impossible to find, and even more so in such great condition and complete. 
Beautifully constructed and totally unique as it was made totally differently over the other Nikon rangefinder 50mm f1.1 ( internal and external mount versions).

-Aperture range: f1.1 - f22
-9 element design
-Filter size 62mm

-PROPER Nippon vintage Nippon Kogaku pinch style FRONT caps
-Proper Nippon Brown leather lens case
-Rare original Nippon Kogaku plastic vented lens shade matching case

Cosmetics 9/10
-No dings, dents or major marks
-Barrel is very clean and shows it has been well taken care of
-Stencilling is rich and intact.
-Black anodised finish shows it has not been handled much
-Lens shade shows modest marks actually not from use but from the case. As it is a soft plastic it rubs on the inner fitting of its own case. 
-Shade has no broken fins and it actually a nice example overall to match!

Mechanics 9/10
-Focusing is moderately smooth
-Aperture clicks are crisp
-Infinity lock is proper and working well

Optics 8.5+/10
-No fog, fungus, separation or scratches
-These lenses are relatively soft coated and NEVER perfect. This one is actually very VERY clean with only a few barely noticeable cleaning marks. Very insignificant. 
When looking through, the lens is clean and clear and of all the 50mm 1.1 NIKON ( regular NIKON MOUNT ) versions I have had, this one is spectacular.

This lens is in collectors condition. A GEM and I can not stress its rarity, beauty and collectibility. A true special find and a magnificent example if you are lucky enough to even find another. 

A pleasure to have and will be a highlight to any collection!