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-Serial # 4356555
-Extremely rare 210mm Apochromatic lanthanum lens. Voigtlander made three Apo Lanthar lenses in large format. The 150mm being the most common but the 210mm and 300mm are extremely scarce, hard to find spectacular lenses. Especially in good condition like this, Linhof select and complete!

I have had the pleasure of owning a few of these but this is by FAR THE FINEST example I have had. COMPLETE and MINT. 

This is not a regular Voigtlander APO LANTHAR, this is a LINHOF SELECT example. Linhof took only THE BEST OF THE BEST optical examples and put their name on it. This one was kept COMPLETE with its matching # Linhof ( Tech V and MASTER thread ) cam, caps and board. Amazing. 
Really a wonderful example! 

-An absolute gem; has the classic red, blue, green stripes around the front element
-A must have for any collect or enthusiast and optically exceptional being made of RARE Lanthanum EARTH material as well as Apocromatic. 

-Aperture range: f4.5 - f32
-Mounted in a COMPUND lens shutter

-Voigtlander original Front and rear lens caps ( both very clean and nice )
-Compound shutter
-Linhof 4x5 late black lens board
-Matching # Linhof cam

Cosmetics 9/10
-No dings, dents or major marks
-Barrel is exceptional and the shutter as well.

Really very pretty!

Mechanics 9/10
-Aperture clicks are crisp
-Shutter speeds are accurate

Optics 9/10
-No fog, fungus, or separation or scratches.
-The glass is outstanding. Very clean and clear!

I can not say more good things about this lens. It is a beautiful example! With the matching # cam, both caps, board, Linhof select, clean glass, working well, and cosmetic condition making this particular lens THE Apo Lanthar 210mm to have. You won't find another one this nice!
A real pleasure to have and enjoy.