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Bronica Zenza 6x7 Medium Format Camera Outfit w/ 100mm +65mm +Grip +Filmbacks


  • $795.00

SKU: 24726
Barcode: 2461-3

-Camera body serial #3118413
-65mm lens serial #6505130
-100mm lens serial #10010086
-6x7 medium format camera
-High-quality build
-Made in Japan

-Modular camera system
-Introduced in 1983
-Will synchronize flash at all available shutter speeds

Auction Includes
-PG 65mm Zenzanon-PG f4 lens with L-1B filter and caps
-PG 100mm Zenzanon-PG f3.5 lens with caps
-2x 120 film backs
-1x 220 film back
-1x Polaroid back
-2x focus levers
-3x covers
-Mounting plate

Cosmetics 8.5+/10
-No digns, dents or major marks
-Camera body is clean with some bright marks

Mechanics 9.5+/10
-Shutter speeds are accurate
-All other camera functions are working normally

Optics 8.5+/10
-Viewfinder is clean but a bit dim
-65mm lens is clean and clear
-100mm lens is clean and clear