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Contarex Bullseye Chrome Reflex Camera Body Clean


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SKU: 22654
Barcode: 2155-1

This Contarex Bullseye chrome reflex camera outfit is in excellent condition cosmetically, mechanically and optically. Camera body serial #Z48401. The classic Contarex Bullseye reflex camera body. Built like a tank. Classic Zeiss built quality. Unfortunately, the meter is no longer working but this is typical as the selenium cells die over time. A true classic outfit. In excellent condition overall.

  • Mechanical shutter B, 1" - 1/1000
  • Cat No. 10.2401

Auction Includes
  • Body only

Cosmetics 8.5/10
  • No dings, dents or major marks
  • Very minor bright marks on chrome finish
  • Very minor mark on the leatherette
  • Leatherette is all intact
  • Lugs are clean

Mechanics Working Well
  • Aperture ring is smooth
  • Shutter speeds are accurate
  • Meter is not working

Optics Clean & Clear
  • No fog, fungus, separation or scratches
  • Mirror and prism glass is clean