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-Camera body serial # 050560
-28mm lens serial #7852673
-45mm lens serial #7803937
-90mm lens serial #7753695
-Desirable black finish outfit, most of these were made in chrome/titanium finish; the
black finish are getting hard to find, both the cameras and lenses
-TLA 200 black flash to match and make this set complete with the hard to find fitted case and papers
-Complete 3 lens kit with the metal lens caps and lens hoods for all three lenses and fitted metal outfit carrying case

G2 Body
-Speeds X, B, 4" - 1/4000
-Autofocus rangefinder system
-Can shoot up to 4 fps

28mm Lens
-7 elements 5 groups
-Aperture range: f2.8 - f22
-46mm filter mount

45mm Lens
-6 elements 4 groups
-Aperture range: f2 - f16
-46mm filter mount

90mm Lens
-5 elements 4 groups
-Aperture range: f2.8 - f22
-46mm filter mount

-Body cap
-TLA 200 electronic flash
-Biogon 28mm f2.8 T* G lens w/ caps and hood
-Plannar 45mm f2 T* G lens w/ caps and hood
-Sonnar 90mm F2.8 T* G lens w/caps and hood
Mr. Zhou half fitted camera case * nice 3rd party add on!
-Outfit hardcase w/ key and strap

Cosmetics 9/10
-No dings, dents or marks
-The camera and lenses black finish are very clean
Very pretty set overall!

Mechanics 9+/10
-Shutter speeds are accurate
-Metering well
-All camera functions working normally
-Lens focus is smooth
-All lens functions are working normally

Optics 9+/10
-Viewfinder is bright and clean
-No fog, fungus, separation or scratches in any of the lenses

A wonderful set and really overall very nice. Hard to find the black set. Outstanding lenses and all in a perfectly fitted case. All a great price considering I sold one recently for nearly $5000. This is a complete set with all the extras. Really something special and wonderful to have and enjoy!