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Contax IIIa Black Dial Chrome Rangefinder Camera Body


  • $125.00

SKU: 22505
Barcode: 2031-110

This Contax IIIa black dial chrome camera rangefinder body is in good user condition cosmetically, mechanically and optically. Serial #T36841. Classic IIIa rangefinder body. Classic IIIa body with the built-in selenium meter. Minor bubbling on the back door which is typical for the Contax rangefinders. The meter is no longer working which is typical as nearly all have long since ceased to function from years of use. Also the top speed 1/1250 the shutter is sticking which is also very typical for these bodies. Slow speeds are firing well. Shows signs of modest wear. A great example to use.

  • Early serial black dial example
  • Speeds T, B, 1" - 1/1250

Auction Includes
  • Body only

Cosmetics 7.5/10
  • Body shows signs of use but no abuse
  • Back door leatherette has minor bubbling

Mechanics Working Well
  • Shutter speeds are accurate except 1/1250
  • Focusing wheel is smooth

Optics Clean & Clear
  • Viewfinder is bright and clean
  • No light leaks in the shutter curtain