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Contax IIIa Color Dial Chrome Rangefinder w/ 50mm f1.5 T Sonnar Mint


  • $895.00

SKU: 22510

This Contax IIIa color dial chrome camera rangefinder and Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f2 lens outfit is in mint condition cosmetically, mechanically and optically. Camera body serial #L81243. Lens serial #1612582. Classic IIIa body with the built-in selenium meter. Comes with a Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 50mm f1.5 T lens. Camera has been well cared for its entire life. Even the selenium meter is still working well! Comes complete with loads of extras including the close focusing Contameter filter kit, Ikophot hand held meter, color filter kit, box and case. In phenomenal condition overall.

  • Late serial color dial example
  • Speeds T, B, 1" - 1/1250
  • Min aperture f22
  • C mount Zeiss T lens

Auction Includes
  • Carl Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f1.5 lens w/ front lens cap
  • Six color filter kit (UV, O, G, Gr, R, LR)
  • Ikophot meter
  • Contaflex close filter kit
  • Box, case

Cosmetics 9.5/10
  • Body shows signs virtually no signs of use
  • Top/bottom plate are virtually spotless
  • Leatherette is all intact with zero bubbling
  • Lens barrel shows virtually no signs of use 

Mechanics Working Well
  • Shutter speeds are accurate including 1/1250
  • Focusing wheel is smooth
  • Aperture ring is smooth

Optics Clean & Clear
  • Viewfinder is bright and clean
  • No light leaks in the shutter curtain
  • No fog, fungus, separation or scratches