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Hasselblad FlexBody Black Camera Body w/ Case Clean


  • $1,150.00

SKU: 22550
Barcode: 2031-10

This extremely rare and desirable Hasselblad FlexBody camera body is in excellent condition cosmetically, mechanically and optically. Serial #451ER1053. Very light and compact medium format camera compared to other Hasselblad or any other manufacturer. A unique medium format camera that can tilt: ± 30o and shift: ± 15mm for perspective correction. An extremely rare and hard to find camera, especially in this condition. Extremely limited production by Hasselblad. Comes with corrective slides, shutter release cable and focusing screen. Can take any Hasselblad lens including modern CFi and CFe lenses. A must have for any collector or professional architecture and landscape photographer. In excellent condition overall.

  • Made in Sweden
  • Tilt: ± 30o 
  • Shift: ± 15mm
  • Hasselblad V System outfit

Auction Includes
  • Acute-Matte D grid split imiage focusing screen 
  • Correction slides: 10°, 20°
  • 6x4.5, 6x3 and 4x5 film masks
  • Shutter release cable
  • Front/rear body caps
  • Outfit case

Cosmetics 8.5/10
  • No dings, dents or major marks
  • Body shows very modest signs of use
  • Mechanics Working Well
  • All camera functions are working normally
  • Movements are all smooth

Optics Clean & Clear
  • Focus screen glass is bright and clean
  • No light leaks in the bellows