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Leica 14116 Viso Visoflex FilterTurret Tri Filter Ring


  • $245.00

SKU: 21067
Barcode: 1962-10

This Leica FilterTurret model 14116 tri filter ring attachment is in mint condition. Comes with its original box and paperwork. Made for your Visoflex II or Visoflex III reflex attachments in conjunction with your Viso lenses (Hektor 125mm, Hekto 135mm, Elmar 135mm, Telyt 200mm, Telyt 280mm and Telyt 400mm. This unit is to replace the Oubio attachment that is required for using your Visoflex reflex unit. Instead of the Oubio attachment you can use this Filter turret for adding filter effects to your Visoflex photography. Takes three E43 mount filters but also can accomodate Series VI filters with the 14117D adapter (not included). In excellent condition. Complete with its original box and paperwork. A very rare and hard to find original Midland accessory. A must have for any collector or enthusiast.