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-Serial #1641548
-Leica M bayonette mount
-1st version 50mm Summilux
-Made in 1958 in Wetzlar Germany
-Dual scale feet/meter red/white focusing scale version

This is a VERY SPECIAL lens that should be appreciated and understood.
This is a REVERSE PROTOTYPE focusing ring scalloped, earliest batch, 1st version Summilux lens with the 1st optical formula ( similar to the 50mm 1.5 Summarit ) and was BLACK PAINT REPAINTED by Kanto for a special customer

There are a few very special details about this:

Firstly, the reverse scalloped*
Much like the M3 CORNER, Leica made some early production item from PRE SERIES PROTOTYPE parts.
The earliest PROTOTYPE lenses marked Summarit 50mm 1.4 #0000xxx have this style.
Leica RANDOMLY selected some of the production lenses to have these REVERSE SCALLOPED focusing barrels where the CONVEX has the LINE RIBBED and the CONCAVE has the smooth finish. 
Random and not all 1st batch lenses have this. VERY FEW are made and FOUND.
I had one years ago that I sold for over $5000. 
In 20+ years, I have only been able to locate and off x2 examples.
They are very VERY hard to find. 
Similar to a CORNER M3. Truly RARE!

The optical design of the first version are special as they later changed them after #1844xxx.
The optical performance of these many people prefer and like the LEICA VINTAGE LOOK and many are starting to realize and want this.

Also, this lens was SPECIAL ORDER black painted by Kanto recently. The new owner will get a copy of the original receipt. The wait time for KANTO work is very VERY long and VERY EXPENSIVE.
Many times, this work adds value but most importantly, the work is done to perfection.
Every detail from the color of the paint, the red scale, and even the brass rear mount now on the lens. WOW!

This is by far, one of the most beautiful, early, RARE and special 50mm 1.4 examples I have had the pleasure to offer.
Really spectacular!

Complete with BUBBLE container, Front black special cap, Also proper Leica Uva filter and all. JUST PERFECT! 

-7 elements 5 groups
-Aperture range: f1.4 - f16
-E43 filter mount
-45° angle of view
-Cat No. 11114

-Front cap
-Leica UVa filter
-Bubble case

Cosmetics 9.5+/10
-A mint example. Perfect finish. 
Shows no use!

Mechanics 9.5+/10
-Focusing is smooth
-Aperture clicks are crisp

Optics 9.5+/10
-No fungus separation or scratches
-Very clean

A very special example. A special lens, special finish done by a very special company. 
Perfect all around. RARE, spectacular and a must have for any serious collector or enthusiast!
A pleasure to have and enjoy!