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Leica I(a)/II(d) Black Paint Rangefinder Body n.9227


  • $645.00

SKU: 22700
Barcode: 2031-142

This very early Leica II (Model D) black paint/nickel rangefinder camera body is in excellent condition cosmetically, mechanically and optically. Serial #9227. Made in 1928. An extremely early four digit serial number example camera body. Sent back to the Leica factory in the 30's and upgraded from a I (Model A) to a II (Model D). It had it's original fixed 50mm lens and 'hockey stick' infinity focus lever replaced with the M39 standard interchangeable lens mount and built in rangefinder mechanism. Early black paint and nickel finish camera. Original patina. Highly sought after four digit serial number Leica camera body. Leatherette is all intact and lugs are clean. Very hard to find in this condition. A must have. In excellent condition overall.

  • Made in 1928
  • I(a)/II(d) factory conversion
  • Speeds B(Z), 1/20 - 1/500

Auction Includes
  • Body only

Cosmetics 8/10
  • No dings, dents or major marks
  • Top/bottom plates show some brassing along edged
  • Leatherette is all intact

Mechanics Working Well
  • Shutter speeds accurate
  • Meter working well
  • All camera functions working normally

Optics Clean & Clear
  • Rangefinder/viewfinder are bright and clean
  • No wrinkles or light leaks in the shutter curtain