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-Serial #3689899
-This is THE FASTEST 180mm lens Leica ever made
-The Apo-Summicron F2 is a wonderful lens for poor lighting conditions and takes amazing photos.
-Dual scale yellow/white feet/meter focusing scale version with half click F stops.
-ROM version to fit any of your Leica R reflex camera bodies
-Very few were ever made especially with the original ROM electronic contacts
-A very desirable lens for CINE VIDEOGRAPHERS as well as PHOTOGRAPHER

*** This lens has a major flaw on the outside circle of the front element. The glass has been chipped and repaired as well there is mark on the very center of the front element.
Still great to use but the flaws are there. If you are looking for one to use, this is it and priced accordingly.

Luckily the rear element and the rest of the elements are perfectly fine. If you have a front element or a parts lens ( which I have seen in the past and wish I had it now ) then this will become a $7995 lens. Great condition overall. Mount, body, glass. Everything except for the front element. An amazing deal for someone if the do have it. From $4995 to $7995 immediately with a new front glass. Really a great deal and still fantastic to use.

I took a test shot at F16. You can see it does not effect. We tested it outside at the sky, as well as with a controlled FLARE and inside flat image and you can see that it does not show any effect. I can't say that it is insignificant but I don't think it will effect this lens drastically to shoot. PLEASE NOTE*

-ROM version
-Built in retractable lens hood
-Min aperture f16
-9 element design
-Series 6 drop in filter
-E100 filter mount
-13.7° angle of view
-Cat. No.11271

-Front/rear lens caps

Cosmetics 9+/10
-No dings, dents or marks
-Barrel is very clean and a fine example cosmetically.

Mechanics 9+/10
-Focusing is silky smooth
-Aperture clicks are crisp

Optically ***/10
-No fog, fungus, separation
-Mark on the front element and chip as described.

I don't know how else to say this but this is a great deal. If anyone does have a USER version of this lens with a good front glass, I would be interested. Also the same deal would apply to this person that this is a great deal if you decide to buy it.
Also a great deal for someone who wants to use this lens and is willing to accept it as is and enjoy the lens as a shooter. 
The best deal you will find on a 180mm f2 EVER. An $7500+ for 1/3 less for only a front element that does not really effect the images. Which is what this lens is suppose to be used for, taking pictures.