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Leica Leitz 12013 21mm/24mm/28mm Multifocus Viewfinder with Case


  • $295.00

SKU: 24223
Barcode: 2407-7

This Leica 21mm/24mm/28mm multifocus viewfinder is in near mint condition overall. Mounting perfectly. Glass is clean and clear. Frames are bright. Comes with original black leather outfit case. A desirable multifocus viewfinder. Will work on any of your M camera with your 21mm, 24mm or 28mm lenses. Or will work with your Leica wide angle Tri-Elmar 16mm/18mm/21mm on the Leica M8 or M8.2. Since the M8 camera is 2/3 frame the magnification of the lenses on it are 1.3x which will match up perfectly with this viewfinder. A very versatile and desirable multifocus viewfinder. A must have. In near mint condition overall.