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Leica Leitz 135mm Hektor f4.5 EFERN Black Paint SM LTM M39 Lens with Case


  • $65.00

SKU: 25189

-Serial #617616
-Black meter focus scale example
-Desirable hard to find black paint finish example screw mount lens
-Barrel shows very heavy use; the leatherette and the chrome band are no longer there

-4 elements 3 groups
-Min aperture f32
-E39 filter mount
-19° angle of view
-Cat No. 11135

Auction Includes
-Lens case

Cosmetics 6.5/10
-No dings, dents or major marks
-Shows very heavy signs of wear on the barrel

Mechanics 7.5/10
-Focusing is a bit stiff
-Aperture ring is a bit stiff

Optics 7/10
-No fungus, separation or scratches
-Haze between the elements