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Leica Leitz 35mm Summilux-M F1.4 Aspherical 1st Ver AA Lens +Shade +Caps +Case


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SKU: 23394
Barcode: 2225-11

This extremely rare and desirable Leica Summilux-M 35mm F1.4 Aspherical M bayonet mount lens is in excellent condition cosmetically, mechanically and optically. Serial #3460123. This is the extremely rare 1st version/1st batch 35mm Summilux-M Aspherical version lens. Extremely early serial number with the complete 'Aspherical' script on the front ring. Made in 1988. Commonly known as the 'Double Aspherical' lens or the 'AA', lens. After the first batch the script was switched to just 'Asph.' and the optics were completely changed due to the extremely expensive production cost. Features two hand ground aspherical elements that were incredibly fragile that caused a lot of them to break when being grounded. Very few examples were ever sold. Featured a similar optical design to the extremely rare Noctilux 50mm f1.2 to overcome lens coma. A unique design to this lens is it features a concave lens element on both the front and rear element. The only Leica lens to feature this. Extremely expensive to produce to the point where Leica had to stop production, change the element design and re-release the lens. Less than 4000 were ever produced. A beautiful lens. Takes amazing photos. Extremely rare and highly desired by collectors and users alike. A must have for any collector or enthusiast.

-Early serial number
-Made in 1988
-9 elements 5 groups
-46o angle of view
-Min aperture f16
-Filter size E46
-Cat No. 11873

Auction includes
-Front/rear lens caps
-12587 Hood w/ front cap
-Black leather case

Cosmetics 8.5+/10
-No dings, dents or marks
-Shows very modest signs of wear on the barrel

Mechanics working normally
-Focusing is smooth
-Aperture clicks are crisp

Optics clean and clear
-No fog, fungus, separation or scratches