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Leica Leitz 90mm Elmar f4 11631 Chrome Collapsible M Lens with Caps


  • $345.00

SKU: 25204


  • Serial #1261151
  • Black feet scale focusing example with infinity lock button
  • Collapsible lens
  • Optically similar to the rigid 90mm Elmar f4 but with a collapsible barrel so the lens can be used with the Leica Ever Ready outfit case
  • Collapses down to about the same size as a Summilux 50mm f1.4 lens
  • This is a BRILLIANT mechanical lens and one of my personal favorites to use. The lens does not collapse down unless it is focused to infinity. Also, you can't focus the lens when it is collapsed unless you pull it out and turn it into place to release the focusing mechanism. So smart and outstanding engineering 


  • 4 element 3 groups
  • E39 filter mount
  • Min aperture f32
  • 37° angle of view
  • Cat No.11631(ILNOO)

Auction Includes

  • Front/rear lens caps

Cosmetics 8.5+/10

  • No dings, dents or major marks
  • Barrel shows very modest signs of use but overall clean!

Mechanics 9/10

  • Focusing is smooth
  • Aperture clicks are crisp
  • The lens mounts well and pulls out smoothly for focusing. NICE!

Optics 8/10

  • No fungus, separation or scratches
  • A Very MINOR Hint of haze in the elements