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Leica Leitz Elcan 7x50 Military NATO Binoculars w/Filters


  • $550.00

SKU: 20012
Barcode: 1900-13

This rare Leica military Elcan 7x50 binoculars are in great condition cosmetically, mechanically and optically. Serial #00117. Military serial #1240-21-863-8282. Comes with original army green strap and the original rubber eye caps.And original matching yellow filter eye piece attachments. The yellow filters were used in poor weather conditions to increase viewing contrast. Originally made for NATO forces during the cold war. Only 7500 examples ever made. They have two-element air-spaced objective lens to shorten focal length to reduce the size of the binocular. Extremely sharp and fine resolution for long distances. The ocular assemblies are O ring sealed for weather and dust proofing, and it has ports for Nitrogen filling to protect against hazing of prisms and internal condensation. Cosmetically clean; does show signs of modest use but no abuse. Most of these binoculars are in rough shape with heavy signs of use. 8/10 overall. Glass is clean and clear; no fog, fungus, separation or scratches. A must have for any collector or enthusiast. Desirable Elcan military grade equipment. Complete with rear caps, strap and filters.