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  • $2,495.00

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  • Serial #827406
  • Lens # 1277766
  • Made in 1956
  • First year first batch production example VERY EARLY # 305 IIIG ever made!
This is a remarkable camera. Special request from the owner to be GOLD PLATED and EXPERIMENTAL finish. Nicely done matching camera, lens and front lens cap.

Also, this is an exectionally early camera. Production of the IIIG started at 825001. This is the 305th camera ever made 


  • Made in Wetzlar Germany
  • Speeds B, T, 1" - 1/1000
  • Cat No. GOOMI


  • Body cap
  • Leica 50mm Summicron f2 lens +matching cap

Cosmetics 9/10

  • No dings, dents or major marks
  • Top and base plate is actually very clean. Very well kept
  • Leatherette is all intact except a small part in the bottom right corner where the base plate attaches 
  • Lugs are clean
A very attractive camera in collectors condition!

Mechanics x/10

  • Shutter speeds are working well but the slow speeds need a CLA as the camera has not been used! Still fires well and faster speeds are no issue.
  • All camera functions are working normally such as the rangefinder, self timer, parallax collection, etc...
  • Lens focusing is smooth and aperture clicks are crisp.

Optics 9/10

  • Rangefinder and viewfinder are bright and clean
  • Lens is clean with no fugus, separation or scratches. Does have haze just from time. *If you decide to CLA the camera, the lens can be done as well if you wish to use it*
A wonderful camera. I sold the matching 35mm 3.5 lens for $1200 USD$ ( regular a $400 lens...nearly x3 value or a regular production version )
This is a great value as a regular IIIG and 50mm Summicrion should be about $1000-$1200 give or take. Which would make this a $3000-$3600 camera. 
Not only that but a unique GOLD finish camera and lens set. Very nice and a standout in any collection! A pleasure to have and enjoy.