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Leica Leitz II(Model D) Black Paint SM Rangefinder Camera n.83772


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-Serial #83772 
-Very early production, first year first batch
-Made in Wetzlar, Germany in 1932
-The II (Model D) was designed by Oskar Barnack himself
-Classic early and beautiful black lacquered paint vintage camera
-Original patina
-Features the original big shutter speed dial, no lugs, and the adjustment dot on the back plate which was only available in the earliest Leica II (Model D) cameras

-Shutter speeds Z, 1/20 - 1/500
-Cat No. LYKAN

Auction Includes
-Body only

Cosmetics 7.5+/10
-No dings, dents or major marks
-Top plate has minor brassing along edges
-Base plate shows signs of modest use with a tripod
-Leatherette is all intact

 Mechanics 9.5+/10
-Shutter speeds are accurate
-All other camera functions are working normally

 Optics 8.5+/10
-Rangefinder and viewfinder is a bit hazy