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Leica Leitz M4 Attrape Working Dummy Chrome Camera Body L Seal Rare


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SKU: 23634

This extremely rare and unusual Leica M4-A Attrape chrome camera rangefinder body is in mint condition cosmetically, mechanically and optically. Serial #307A. This is a very rare and hard to find original Leica M4 Attrape example that is in complete working condition. The L seal is still intact. Leica made a number of dummy (Attrape) examples of their cameras over the years to use as demos and store displays for Leica dealers globally. These cameras were made from all actual parts found on their real life counter parts but were normally missing some of the internal mechanisms or had the movements locked up internally. Of those already rare dummy examples some left the factory in full working condition. These examples were marked on the top plate with a shorter serial number and the letter 'A' (for 'attrape'). An extremely rare and unusual find. Made in Germany. A fully functional M4 camera body in mint condition overall.

-L seal still intact
-Rare 'Attrape' dummy M4
-In full working condition
-Made in Wetzlar Germany
--0.72x finder
-Cat No.10400

Auction Includes
-Body cap
-Flash sync caps

Cosmetics 9.5/10
-No dings, dents or major marks
-Leatherette is all intact
-Lugs are clean

Mechanics Working Well
-Shutter speeds are accurate
-All camera functions are working normally

Optics Clean & Clear
-Rangefinder/viewfinder is bright and clean
-No light leaks in the shutter curtain