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This is the extremely rare Sabre rifle gun stock made for your Leica Visoflex system. In excellent condition overall. All original with original matching Leica double cable release for your Visoflex I reflex housing. Made for your Telyt telephoto Viso mount lenses onto a Visoflex reflex body and onto your M or screw Mont  rangefinder body. Only a few examples are around today and exact production numbers are unknown but very limited. Sources say as little as 25-35pc pieces were made.  
Also design during the GOLDEN ERA of Leica in 1957 when the M3 was at its peak, and the introduction of the original MP. This was a very special year for Leica and matched with the SABRE stock, a VISOFLEX and your 200,280,400 Telyt lens or even use with your Hektor 125mm. This is really a fantastic find!

James L. Lagers Leica Illustrated History, Vol. II, Lenses, 1994, p. 188.:

The Sabre Photographic Supply Company, located in the state of Illinois in the USA, only produced the well known Sabre Stock Leica rifle, custom-made for the screw-mount and M-series Leicas, for one year (1956 to 1957), but this was never officially sold by Leitz. Therefore, we can only estimate how many of these were sold in the USA – conservative estimates ranging between two and three dozen. However, the Sabre Stock, painstakingly crafted in keeping with Leitz quality standards, was not only a piece of well thought-out photographic equipment for Leica cameras, but is also a joy to behold for any lover of high precision products. The use of high-quality materials as well as great accuracy and precision in its making led to a handy Leica rifle, sure to fascinate any Leica fan to this day.

Working perfectly. Mounting well. All original. Very clean wood finish. This is a must have for any collector. The last one that I had was 3 years ago and was sold for $14995 on ebay


  • Cable release

Cosmetics 9+/10

  • Wood finish is very nice overall
  • The black crackle LEICA finish is also very clean!

Mechanics 9+/10

  • Cable releases firmly


  • No optics
This is not only a very rare accessory to have but also with the improvement and THINNEST of the M10 series, the new digital camera can also be used on with the SABRE stock.