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-Serial #700502
-This is an extremely early first batch example M3
-Extremely rare and hard to find M3 that features all the characteristics of the first batch of M3s including the double stroke silent return mechanism, solid black arrow on the counter, rabbit ear lugs, glass pressure plate 200ASA, early shutter speed dial and more. 4 screw on the lens mount with 4 screws on the top plate to hold the plate down. Proper and all original

This is a VERY VERY special CORNER TOP PLATE PROTOTYPE M3 camera. The corner top plate were randomly selected from the few overstock of the pre production, prototype top plates. Very rare and almost impossible to find. 
Comes with all its original including its unnumbered tag, and even has a special CORNER camera brochure. An incredible set and maybe the FINEST CORNER set you will ever have the pleasure to come across. Really something special and all original!

This has it all. Original case, proper 1 button brown leather case. M meter ( original to the camera as it was purchased ), flat nose lens cap, Proper matching 1954 50mm f2 early first year M production collapsible lens. 

I have sold a handful of M corner cameras in the last 20 years. Maybe 4-5. This is by far the nicest I have seen. All original, untouched and truly complete. A gem set!

-No film preview lever
-50/90/135mm frame lines
-First batch example
-Cat No. 10150 

-Leica 50mm Summicron f2 lens with front cap
-Leica Leicameter-MC
-Early Brown leather camera case
-Paperwork and tags ( unnumbered )
-Original IGEMO ( unnumbered )vintage red felt box

Cosmetics 8+/10
-No dings, dents or major marks
-Top/bottom plate have very modest bright marks
-Leatherette is all intact except for a small area in the bottom right corner and the back door.
-Lugs are clean
-The top plate I have to say is very nice. Most of these have heavy marks from the meter. This one was kept clean and the owner knew to keep the meter separately as it has been kept all these 60+ years. 

A clean, honest all original example!

Mechanics 8.5+/10
-Shutter speeds are accurate
-All camera functions are working well
-Shutter curtain is light leak free

Optics 8.5+/10
-Viewfinder/rangefinder is bright and clean

I can not stress the RARITY of these cameras. Magnificent, complete loaded with extras. The paperwork alone with the CORNER brochure is incredible. A camera that should have never been made, as most have the smooth top plate. From the PROTOTYPE randomly selected top plate to be used on a production camera. Similar to the THICK RIM 50mm f1.2 NOCTILUX that were only of the earliest examples. This M3, #502 of all the M3 ever made. Spectacular in so many ways. 
A pleasure to have and enjoy.