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Leica SOOTF 13079 Filter A36 to E41 Adapter Summitar Adapter Ring Clean Rare


  • $65.00

SKU: 23216
Barcode: 2031-425

This very rare and unusual Leica Sootf adapter ring is in excellent condition overall. Made to fit your Type H A36 Slip on lenses such as the early 50mm F3.5 Elmar, 35mm f3.5, Summar 50mm, etc. collapsible lenses to accommodate your Type L mount filters made for the Summitar lenses. Will also fit the early style bayonet mount Summarit filters and the rare E41 35mm Summilux steel rim 1st version lenses too. Top part is Type L filter thread on the inside and Summarit bayonet mount on the outside. Bottom part mounts onto your A36 lenses. A very unusual filter adapter. Mounting well. Cosmetically clean. A hard to find accessory.