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  • $3,995.00

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  • Serial #1124134
  • Chrome finish
  • Original Leica screw mount version lens
  • Leica's unique stereo twin lens
  • Will even work on your modern Leica M digital bodies too with the simple and easy screw on LTM to M adaptor
This is a wonderful and complete example of the FAMOUS and very limited and RARE Leica stereo lens. 
Made in Midland Canada. This is really the OFFICIAL first batch of this lens.
Although the lens was first made in 1940 with some Wetzlar "prototype" examples ( which are very VERY expensive up to $50,000 )
The first batch of 500pc in MIDLAND Canada was made in 1954 which this lens was in...

1124001 1124500 Leica Stemar 3.3 cm f/3.5 1954 500

Total of only 1500+ lenses were made in 1954 only in 4 more batches through the year. 
A very rare lens, highly complicated, very technical, specific stereo use and was a marvel of technology at the time. 
A testament to Leica's capabilities and precision. 
This is a work of art and in my opinion, undervalued.

It is a Stereo lens, brass body construction, executed perfectly. And this example is complete, MINT, all the caps, finder, prism, and the desirable OTHRE SLIDE VIEWER which you rarely see and ALL with the original boxes.

This has been babied and well kept for almost 70 years now! AMAZING! 


  • Made in 1954 in Midland, Canada
  • Rare only 1571 examples made
  • 33mm stereo lens
  • Cat no. OISBO


  • Leica Proper metal Stemar specific UNIQUE to the Stemar only bayonet Front lens caps
  • Leica all metal deep LTM SM rear lens cap. RARE!
  • Oidyo proper 33mm MIDLAND vertical frame viewfinder
  • Oiego lens hood
  • Oimpo prism
  • Otheo stereo viewing device
  • Leica proper matching Red boxes and fittings!

Cosmetics 9+/10

  • No dings, dents or major marks
  • A very clean set and very well taken care of.
  • The finder, prism, shade and all are very nice
  • Very pretty! Collectors condition!

Mechanics 9+/10

  • Focusing is smooth
  • Aperture ring is smooth

Optics 8+/10

  • No fungus, separation or scratches
  • The prism and finder are very clean!
  • There is some minor haze in the lenses but can be cleaned if you wish. 
* I can offer the cleaning service through my technician or there are a few camera techs that I know in the USA that are also very capable to do this simple cleaning! 
ie: Youxin Ye at YYe  camera repair and a few others I know.

This is a collectable lens in collectable condition. Fine in every respect! Complete and just beautiful. A pleasure to have and enjoy!