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-Serial #2312864
-Black finish and known to be the BLACK PAINT 35mm f2. 
-Iconic first version 35mm chrome Summicron
-Made in 1969 in Wetzlar, Germany. Last year, last batch!
-Features the 8-element lens design

This is probably one of THE LAST 35mm f2 1st Version 8 element lenses made. This is a STUNNING example and a GREAT FIND. 
The "black paint" 35mm f2 is actually an all black anodized version. Leica never made a black paint 35mm f2. Very few were actually made and considered to be one of the MOST DESIRABLE collectible lenses in the vintage Leica line.

This is not only a superb example with box, caps and container, but this is actually ONE OF THE LAST made example. Extremely late #. LAST BATCH, LAST YEAR were most were made in the typical silver chrome and some very few were made in black. This is one of those last few. Incredible! And also with the last style LARGER/TALLER 35mm f2 box. 

I had and example of a 35mm f2 in slightly lesser condition, regular production, with the smaller/early regular box which sold on ebay for close to $17000. 
I can not stress how much more important this RED SCALE, LAST GENERATION of the FINEST Leica 35mm f2 black lens is. Maybe one of THE MOST IMPORTANT 35mm f2 Summicron 8 element lenses.

A must with your black M2, M4 or M3 camera. Even for your MP black paint. 

-Infinity focusing lock tab 
-Aperture range: f2 - f16
-8 elements in 6 groups
-Leica M mount
-Red and white focusing scale
-E39 filter ring
-Cat no. 11308

-Black Front cap
-Bubble case
-Matching Box ( no serial No. )

Cosmetics 9/10
-No dings, dents or major marks
-Barrel is exceptionally clean. 

This is the prettiest example that I have ever seen. As mentioned, I sold one and this one is really much nicer! The finger focusing show almost no use.  Screws are untouched.

This is a VIRGIN piece!

Mechanics 9+/10
-Focusing is smooth
-Aperture clicks are crisp

Optics 9/10
-No fog, fungus, separation or scratches
-Glass is clean clear with a rich Purple coating

So, if you are looking for THE 35mm f2 SUMMICRON BLACK PAINT lens. THIS IS IT!
Red scale, late #, last batch, last few made, box, condition, MADE IN GERMANY and all. This is really something special. A must for any collector or enthusiast. In 20 years, I have never seen a 35mm f2 Black like this one. Don't miss this special opportunity!