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Linhof Technika Master 2x3 Prototype Camera Body Rare


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SKU: 20060
Barcode: 1930-208

This extremely rare Linhox Technika Master 2x3 working prototype large format field camera is in mint condition cosmetically, mechanically and optically. No serial number on the accessory shoe. A very unique camera. Made during the transition between the Technika V and the Technika Master. It is a Technika V chassis with a prototype black finish Technika Master ground glass, film mount/rear standard and viewfinder/rangefinder mechanism. Comes with a grid ground glass and a blank non serial numbered focus cam for a 95mm lens. A very unusual working prototype example. Focus is smooth and locking tight and the rangefinder is working perfectly however there are no front or rear standard movements. A very unusual example and a piece of Linhof history. Camera shows virtually no signs of use. No marks on the finish. No light leaks in the bellows. Ground glass is right and clean. A must have for any collector or enthusiast. In phenomenal condition overall