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Linhof Technika Rodenstock 90mm Heligon F3.2 Lens


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SKU: 20054
Barcode: 1930-209

This Linhof Technika fit Rodenstock Heligon 90mm f3.2 2x3 large format lens is in good user condition cosmetically, mechanically and optically. Serial #2369414. Comes mounted in a Linhof Select Synchro-Compur lens shutter and mounted on a 2x3 lens board. Rear element does have some minor but noticeable marks. Lens has been tested and it does not affect image quality. Difficult lens to find. Last time I had one in stock it sold for nearly $600 USD (eBay #281183401053). A great lens to use.


-Min aperture f32

-Speeds B, 1" - 1/500

Auction Includes

-Linhof Synchro-Compur shutter

-Lens board

Cosmetics 7/10

-No dings, dents or major marks

-Shows some modest signs of use

Mechanics Working Well

-Shutter speeds are accurate

-Aperture ring is smooth

Optics Clean & Clear

-No fog, fungus or separation

-Rear element has marks *see above