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Linhof Technika Select Schneider Symmar 150/265mm F5.6/12 Convertible Lens with Box


  • $95.00

SKU: 25098

-Serial #8000847
-Desirable Linhof Technika Select version lens and shutter 
-Convertible 2-in-1 lens; 150mm f5.6 and 265mm f12

-T, 1" - 1/400
-Min aperture f45
-2-in-1 convertible lens
150mm f5.6 4x5 lens
265mm f12 4x5 lens
-Linhof Technika Select lens

Auction Includes
-Retaining ring
-Linhof Technika select shutter

Cosmetics 8.5+/10
-No dings, dents or major marks
-Shows some modest signs of modest use

Mechanics 7/10
-Slow shutter speeds are sticking
-Aperture clicks are crisp

Optics 7.5/10
-No fungus, separation or scratches
-Very minor haze in the lens
-Still shoots well

A very nice lens in a desirable black LINHOF select shutter with a Linhof Technika select Symmar lens