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Nikon S2 Chrome Rangefinder Camera +Nikkon-H 50mm F2 Outfit with Shade +Filter


  • $595.00

SKU: 24912
Barcode: 2476-67

-Camera body serial #6139073
-Lens serial #649074
-Chrome version
-Comes ready to shoot with a vintage Nikon Nikkor-H 50mm F2 lens

-Chrome finish
-Shutter speeds T, B, 1"-1/1000s
-Min aperture f16

Auction Includes
-50mm f2 Nikkor-H lens
-Nikon Nikkor 1M - 50cm Auto-Up No. 1 filter
-Nikon clip-on lens shade

Cosmetics 7.5+/10
-No dings, dents or major marks
-Top/bottom plates are clean with bright marks
-Barrel shows moderate signs of use

Mechanics 9.5+/10
-Shutter speeds are accurate
-All camera functions are working normally
-Lens focus mechanism is smooth

Optics 8+/10
-Rangefinder/viewfinder is clean
-No fog, separation or scratches in the lens
-Minor spots of fungus in the lens