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Rollei Rolleiflex 3.5F Planar Twin Lens Reflex Camera


  • $795.00

SKU: 22223
Barcode: 2150-5

This beautiful Rollei Rolleiflex 3.5F Planar black TLR camera outfit is in great condition cosmetically, mechanically and optically. Camera body serial #2230419. Viewing lens serial #2460985. Taking lens serial #2930392. Comes complete with front lens caps, and brown leather outfit case. Has a grid split image focusing screen. This is a beautiful camera. Even the selenium light meter is working too. In great condition overall. A must have complete outfit.

  • Viewing lens Heidosmat 75mm f2.8
  • Taking lens Carl Zeiss 75mm f3.5 Planar

Auction Includes
  • Double front lens cap
  • Selenium light meter difussor cap
  • Brown leather outfit case

Cosmetics 7.5/10
  • No dings, dents or marks
  • Leatherette is all intact but shows wear
  • Mechanics Working Well
  • Shutter speeds are accurate
  • Focusing is smooth
  • Meter is working well

Optics Clean & Clear
  • No fog, fungus, separation or scratches in taking or viewing lens
  • Mirror and focus screen are bright and clean