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-Camera body serial #2846871
-Viewing lens serial #5380912
-Taking lens serial #5369051
-This is a MINT!!! example of a very rare white face Rolleiflex TLR camera. The white face cameras are the most collectible and sought after Rollei cameras. Not only that but this is the even harder to find 12/24 exp version
-Features a selenium built in light meter and complete with many extras including its original 12/24 cut out case, shade, close up filter set, strap, instruction papers and more!

THIS IS THE Rolleiflex 3.5F camera to FIND AND BUY. I have seen many Rolleiflex camera over the last 20 years. This is THE nicest 3.5F I have come across. Except for being NEW IN THE BOX, this MINT example, being the last generation WHITE FACE, 12/24, in this condition with all these extras, makes this one of THE 3.5F Planar sets to have. Truly spectacular!

-Speeds B, 1" - 1/500
-Rare whiteface example
-12/24 exposure example
-Viewing lens: Heidosmat 75mm f2.8
-Taking lens: Zeiss Planar 75mm f3.5 (6 elements, coated)

-Lens caps
-Rolleinar 2
--1 filter
-Lens shade

Cosmetics 9.5-/10
-No dings, dents or marks
-Black finish is clean, rich and shows no rubbing or marks.
-Leatherette is all intact, tight and still looks fresh! 
BEAUTIFUL! Even the case is still in great condition!

Mechanics 9.5/10
-Focusing is smooth
-Light meter is working
-Shutter speeds are accurate

Optics 9.5/10
-No fog, fungus, separation or scratches in either the taking or viewing lens

I can not stress the beauty of this set. Really spectacular. Complete, LATE #, Planar, extras and outstanding condition. You will love it once it is in your hands.

Not only a special camera but a very modest price considering. A great value. Really wonderful in every respect!