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Tessina L 35mm Subminiature All Chrome Camera Outfit with Case


  • $395.00

SKU: 25052


  • Serial #778195
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Subminiature 35mm camera
  • Made in Switzerland

Auction Includes

  • Black leather camera case

Cosmetics 8+/10

  • No dings, dents or major marks
  • Camera shows moderate signs of wear
  • This is the desirable version, all chrome L camera

Mechanics 6/10

  • Aperture ring is smooth
  • Shutter speeds are not working accurately; only one speed

Optics 6/10

  • No fungus, separation or scratches
  • Viewfinder shows use and has fog
  • Fog in the viewing lens
  • Ground glass is cracked but still works and you can see through it without any problem