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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are your business hours?
We are open Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm, and Saturdays by appointment. Please note that all visits to the actual store are now by appointment only. Please give us a call at +1 416 837 7401 or send us an e-mail prior to visiting our show room.

 Are you on social media?
Yes, we are! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

I want to learn more about Leica gear. Do you do demonstrations?
Yes, we do. You are welcome to ask questions via phone/email and we do have a YouTube channel featuring demonstrations of certain products.

Do you give a combined shipping rate for a multiple-item purchase?
Yes, we do.

How often do you update your inventory?
Everyday at a consistent basis. We recommend signing up for our newsletter to keep updated on latest items and sales in store.

Do you check all your items before posting?
Yes, we do. We have a staff that thoroughly examines all items before uploading. All of our items are as pictured and described. Everything in the photos are what is included in your purchase. 

Do you only sell vintage gear?
No. We also sell digital gear, along with a wide variety of various brands of cameras, lenses, equipment, and accessories.

Are you the original owner of all your gear?
No, we are a dealer. We have received numerous inquiries in the past regarding where we get our stock. We are fortunate to have a large network of enthusiasts, collectors, and users that have helped us build our store throughout the years.

Do you sell items that are new in box?
Aside from used equipment, we also sell new and sealed gear from time to time.

I'm looking for a particular item that you don't have in stock. Will you be able to locate it for me?
Yes, we can. You may use our new Wish List form here to let us know what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend. Also, teel free to contact us by e-mail or phone number with your request.

What are your methods of payment?
We accept the following: Paypal, VISA, MasterCard, Amex, bank transfer, cash, money order, or personal cheque. We accept Canadian and American currencies in store.

I am interested in an item. Can you put it on hold?
Yes, you can with a deposit.

Do you do layaway payments (installments)?
Yes, we do. Options are 3 to 6 months.

If I would like to make a return or exchange, what is your policy?
All of our items come with a 3-month in-store warranty. Returns/exchanges are within 14 days with a full money-back guarantee.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we do! Please note we are unable to ship items to locations undergoing political conflicts.

Will my item be fully insured?
If you would like it to be, we will charge for shipping accordingly.

I don't have a PayPal account. Can I pay over the phone?
Yes, you are welcome to purchase via credit card over the phone at our open business hours.

I don't want my item shipped. Can I pick it up instead?
Sure, you may pick up your item at our store to save on shipping fees. Please note that because we are a registered Canadian business, we charge HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) on local and national purchases made within Canada.

I have Leica/Hasselblad/Rolleiflex camera that needs a repair. Can you repair my camera?
Yes, we have a technician that can fix your camera.

Why is shipping so expensive?
We are aware this is a concern for most of our customers. We ship internationally using Canada Post and UPS. FedEx and Schenker freight shipping are available upon request. Please note that we do our best to charge actual or lower fees based on Canada Post and courier rates. Please contact us after you make a purchase if you need special arrangements. We can be contacted via e-mail at or via phone at +1 416 837 7401.

I want to buy an item but I will be out of town. Will you be able to hold my purchase for me?
Once we receive payment, we will have your item ready to go. Please contact us via phone or e-mail for shipping arrangements.

I need a certain item as soon as possible. How will I get my item on time/ahead of schedule?
Depending on your location, we will provide an appropriate shipping quote to ensure your item arrives safely as fast as possible. Please contact us via phone or e-mail for more information.

Do you take items on consignment?
Yes, we do depending on the condition of your gear. You are welcome to contact us by e-mail or phone number to arrange consignment details. Please note that for us to sell an item for you on our site we charge 20% fee.

Do you take trades?
Yes, we do. You are welcome to bring your items in store if you are local or ship to us if you are international. Please contact us first before shipping.

I have some gear I would like to sell. Would you be interested?
You are welcome to sell your items to us. Please contact us with info about your gear and we will discuss accordingly.