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The Best of Both Worlds (The Black Paint M3)

Posted by Alex Yuzbasiyan on


The Leica black paint M3 is probably the most coveted and most desirable of all rangefinder cameras that Leica has made.

...but why?

The M3 has imprinted itself in history as 'The Best' rangefinder camera of all time. But it seems that the classic satin chrome top and bottom plates that we have grown to love on our Leica camera and lenses attract all the attention, both in good and bad ways. Pros have always wanted to be discrete, covering as much as possible on their camera to capture that elusive shot in the most inconspicuous way. 

After all, the streets can be a pretty dangerous place, especially being caught taking a picture of someone who you shouldn't be pointing the lens at. So, black finish has always been the reasoning for not showing off and blending in.

The black paint M3 is exactly that!

Bringing the best of both worlds together. Imagine the best rangefinder camera of all time being the quiet hunters' tool as you 'grab and go' those images you probably would have never had a chance to take if you were not unnoticed. Some go as far as getting their silver cameras painted black but they will never be that true black paint M3 that we have always wanted...

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